Full Moon Gift Set: Baby Bliss


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Kebaya Box and Carrier Bag included with each Full Moon Gift Set.

In gorgeous shades of royal blue and crimson red, the unique Kebaya Gift Box is designed to look like the traditional dress of Peranakan ladies. 

This classy yet affordable set allows you to select your preferred choice of treats. Choose from:

  • Ang Ku Kueh (2 pcs) 红龟粿(2个)
    Delicious glutinous rice flour cakes with sweet filling. Each Ang Ku Kueh is handmade and prepared fresh, made-to-order, in our pastry kitchens. Choice of Round (for baby girls) or Pointed (for baby boys). 

  • Good Luck Red Eggs (2 pcs) 红鸡蛋(2个)
    Hard boiled eggs dipped in red food dye. Red symbolises luck and happiness. The roundedness of the eggs symbolises harmony, unity and new life. According to traditional customs, an odd number of eggs are given out for baby boys and an even number of eggs are given out for baby girls at a Full Moon or 100 Day party.
  • Handcrafted Nougats (1 bottle) 牛轧糖(1瓶)
    Soft and delicate nougat squares brimming with cashews, pistachios, cranberries, sesame seeds and oatmeal. Unlike traditional nougats, these handmade treats are gentle to the bite and won't get stuck in your teeth. Available in Original, Rose, Matcha and Coffee flavours. 

Minimum order of 15 sets applies.

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Fee of $10 per location applies for delivery to multiple locations.