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There is nothing quite like the scent of freshly baked cookies, and there is no comfort that compares to pastries, sweets and treats prepared from the heart.

Since 1997, Chilli Padi has shared its Nonya delicacies with you. Now, we are delighted to bring you traditional festive goodies to accompany every celebration and momentous occasion in life. From festive celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Christmas and Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival) to special occasions such as weddings and baby showers.

Discover our assortment of handcrafted nougats, cookies and cakes. Perfect as corporate gifts or to be shared among friends, family and loved ones. What are you waiting for? Deliciousness awaits!



"I love the pineapple tart the most! It is not too sweet and I love the pastry part. I have a thing for mini bite because it makes me feel less sinful eating it."

- Calista Evangelista, @calista_evangelista
"I really like their Kueh Bangkit that melts in the mouth with the beautiful coconuty flavour. The nougats are soft, chewy and nutty while not overly sweet."

- Derrick Tan,
"The pineapple tarts come in bite-size pieces, so convenient for snacking! And given the mini tart base, you’ll enjoy a higher ratio of pineapple filling to tart. With a good crunch, the mildly-spiced prawn rolls are pretty addictive too!"

- Annabel Huang, @wishuponatart
"Calories doesn’t count on CNY! My must have CNY goodies = prawn roll! I remember making prawn roll with my mum when I was young... so much work! I would rather buy...

Love everything from Chilli Padi! From my confinement food to food catering... Their food never disappoint... I can’t wait to try their restaurant food too."

- Sabrina Seah, @bigtreeandkoala
"Their [Chilli Padi's] pineapple tart has to be the cutest I’ve seen and that chunk of pineapple on top is simply too hard to resist! I could easily eat the whole jar by myself!

Other items like the prawn roll and the nougat are just as impressive! Surely a place like @chillipadinonyarestaurant where tradition and culture matters won’t disappoint when it comes to CNY goodies!"

- Adam Tze, @makanwarrior

"Have been buying this for many years. It still tastes very good."
- Joselin

"Love the glass containers as it’s very elegant and good to give as gifts to closed friends and relatives!"
- Thalia

"Love the tarts and easy pick up. I buy them yearly. Highly recommended!"
- Jenny

"Good service. The sales coordinator is very responsive to my request. 3rd time buying the pineapple tarts."
- Teo